Example of a gift card including the coupon code
Gift Cards for Magento Example of a gift card including the coupon code Create your store's individual gift card designs Preview mode for gift card designs Link a gift card product with gift card designs Set up gift cards as configurable products Sell gift cards as in digital format (PDF or email) or as a printout View of gift cards in an order's detailed view A list of all sold gift cards is always available Configure the extension from your Magento backend

Gift Cards for Magento 1.3.2

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The Magento extension Gift Cards reduces the effort to create gift cards to an absolute minimum. You just have to set up the design of the gift cards and create the gift card products. The rest is done by the Magento extension.

When a gift card is sold, either a new cart price rule will be created or a fitting existing rule will be extended by a new coupon code. The coupon code is printed into a PDF document working as a gift card. If you wish it is automatically sent to the customer via email.

Sell gift cards completely automatically!

As the shop owner you can see the sold gift cards in the Magento backend anytime, both in the corresponding order's detailed view and in a list of all sold gift cards. It's easy to keep track of all gift cards, when they were paid and when they were sent to your customers. You can always mail them again or print them to send them by post.

Since coupon codes in Magento expire completely even if one only redeems a partial amount of it, we also recommend our module Coupon Remaining Value.

Excl. 19% Tax

Additional Information

  • Create gift cards as simple, virtual, or configurable products
  • Create and upload as many gift card designs (PDF) as you like
  • Coupon-Preview with grid for easy positioning of the coupon code
  • Automatically print coupon codes to PDFs
  • Automatic creation and extension of cart price rules for new coupon codes
  • Gift Cards will be send as PDF documents to your customer after invoice creation automatically
  • Transmission of e-mail copies via BCC
  • Fully automated solution
  • Detailed and clearly arranged configuration options
  • Technical documentation
  • Error and debug logging separately activatable
  • Great collaboration with our Modulwerft extensions ...
Magento Versions CE 1.7, CE 1.8, CE 1.9
Module Languages
  • German
  • English
Documentation Languages
  • German
Product Contents

Technical Details

Current Module Version 1.3.2
Quality Checks
Required Modules none
Rewritten Core Classes none
Known Incompatibilities none

Release Notes

Changelog 20.04.2018 - Release of version 1.3.3
  • exclude gift card products from shopping cart price rules
  • exclude gift card products from catalog price rules

06.02.2018 - Release of version 1.3.1
  • fixed: e-mail hint is now only shown for gift card items

05.12.2017 - Release of version 1.3.0
  • support for multiple currencies

05.01.2017 - Release of version 1.2.1
  • fixed: restricted admin accounts can now access coupon code pages

14.10.2016 - Release of version 1.2.0
  • added possibility to print issue date on PDF
  • make sure that gift cards are created even if payment providers directly create an invoice
  • fixed bug which made it possible to use a coupon multiple times
  • fixed too low coupon value if catalog prices are excl tax

22.06.2015 - Release of version 1.1.2
  • Automatic deletion of refunded gift card coupons

06.02.2015 - Release of version 1.1.0
  • Optimisation of extension's architecture
  • Performance improvements
  • Further configuration options for shopping cart price rules
  • Gift card value available as a variable in email notifications
  • Fix for purchase of multiple gift cards in one order
  • Additional localisations for German and English regions
  • Connection to Modulwerft extension E-Mail Manager

11.06.2014 - Release of version 1.0.0
  • Management tool for an unlimited number of gift card designs (PDF)
  • Mechanism to automatically print coupon codes to PDFs
  • Automatism to create and extend cart pricerules for new coupon codes
  • Sending of gift cards as PDF documents to customers after invoice creation
  • Transmission of e-mail copies via BCC
  • Configuration options
  • Installation, configuration, and deinstallation guides
  • Error and debug logging
  • Test Cases


Feature Backlog
  • Gift cards as PNG and JPG files

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