Automatic Cross-Selling directly on Product Page in Magento: reduce distractions in shopping cart
Automatic Cross-Selling directly on Product Page in Magento: reduce distractions in shopping cart Clear & Comprehensive Module Configuration: set up the module within minutes and let it calculate articles bought together retroactively Influence a Fully Automatic System: Beeinflussbare Vollautomatisierung: you decide whether Related Products, Cross-Selling or Up-Selling Products shall be displayed in the Automatic Cross-Selling section as well. If promotion is activated, you will be able to co-determine which products to show in Automatic Cross-Selling. The Cross-Selling here shows the manually determined product first, followed by two products previously bought together with the t-shirt.

Automatic Cross-Selling 1.2.4

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Make Shopping Easier
This Magento extension automaticatically calculates appropriate cross-selling products and integrates them in the product page based on the 'customers who bought this also bought' principle.

Trust Your Customers' Choices
Stop worrying about which product to use for cross-selling. The module Automatic Cross-Selling calculates what to display - based on your customers' past orders. With its distinct Magento index, it is able calculate retroactively.

Configurable Products Included In Cross-Selling
Our extension supports all product types. Not even configurable products are an object. All products included in past orders are considered.

To force special products to appear in this Automatic Cross-Selling feature, you can configure the module to prefer Magento's Cross-Selling, Upselling or Related products.

Improve your store's shopping experience without lifting a finger.

This Magento Extension has been tested in a shop with 6.000 products of different types and 250.000 real orders.

Excl. 19% Tax

Additional Information

  • Automatic calculation of cross-selling products based on past orders or viewed products
  • Integration on product page
  • All product types are supported
  • Promotion of previously configured cross-selling, upselling or related products possible
  • Distinct Magento index for retroactive calculation
Magento Versions CE 1.4, CE 1.5, CE 1.6, CE 1.7, CE 1.8, CE 1.9
Module Languages
  • German
  • English
Documentation Languages
  • German
Product Contents

Technical Details

Current Module Version 1.2.4
Quality Checks
Required Modules none
Rewritten Core Classes none
Known Incompatibilities none

Release Notes

Changelog 04.01.2019 - published version 1.2.4
  • fixed: error during incremental update of links when using viewed products as a base

07.10.2018 - published version 1.2.3
  • fixed: possible error when viewing the crossselling products in the backend

10.01.2017 - published version 1.2.2
  • fixed: restricted admin accounts can now access crossselling pages

20.10.2016 - published version 1.2.1
  • bugfix: sort by link persistence
  • bugfix: error if product is forced and automatically added

06.07.2016 - published version 1.2.0
  • Data Table in Magento Backend to Display Product Connections
  • Export of Connection Data
  • Display of Connected Articles at Product Page in Magento Backend
  • Support for rwd Theme
  • Option to hide out of stock products

30.04.2014 - published version 1.1.1
  • Fixed compatibility with Modern Theme
  • Compatibility with Magento 1.4
  • Fixed some minor issues
  • Added technical documentation and uninstallation guide

19.11.2013 - published version 1.1.0
  • Forcing Cross-Selling-, Upselling- or Related Products to always appear in this Cross-Selling feature
  • Compatibility with Magento 1.8 CE

09.10.2013 - published version 1.0.0
  • Automatic Calculation of fitting crossselling products based on recent orders
  • Directly integrated into product page
  • All product types supported!
  • Uses own Magento-Index also considers older orders
  • Languages: DE, EN


Feature Backlog
  • Blocking of Certain Connections
  • Deactivation of ACS Functions on Product Level

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